Best Dialysis Machine in the World

Our long years of experience and technical services towards dialysis machines where we record and analyze questions and complaints from the nurses who use dialysis machines.


The most important indicator is the prevalence of technical service.


Asking about the world’s best dialysis machine would not give a clear answer. Instead, the best technical service, prevalence, and quality treatment, with laboratory results are important data.


Laboratory results are a big indicator of the efficiency of the equipment used for dialysis.


Here the main problem is acquiring technical support, procuring long-lasting and qualitative spare parts quickly, and changing the parts of the machine while still being able to continue giving the patient efficient treatment.


Dialysis machines in order of Germany, Japan, original ones, and the whole world with a wide service network with the most preferred brands being Fresenius, Gambro&Baxter, BBRAUN, and Nipro.


Galata Global Medical has experience from the problems that arise from technical needs. We transfer said experience to you according to your choice of the dialysis machine, specifically German brands, with technical support and spare parts.

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  1. Theo

    Good day

    I would like to order the original dialysis machine for my center in South Africa. Kindly send me a quote or cost of the machine with the necessary accessories that will be needed to operate the machine and the duration of the guarantee or warrant.

    Your feedback will be much appreciated.



    1. Dear Theo,

      We can prepare for you good prices please contact us via WhatsApp message: +903122475025

      Try please send us via message we will support you all dialysis requests.

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