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A fully automated dialysis machine has been developed and evaluated clinically. It uses highly pure dialysate (produced by a new dialysate cleaning system) instead of the conventional physiologic saline for the processes of priming, guiding blood to the dialysis machine, replenishing fluid, and returning the blood to the body. The piping for the dialysate is in the shape of a loop, and the dialyzer coupler has no mechanical parts that might become contaminated.

As a result of these and certain other improvements in machine design, it is now possible to obtain reasonably clean dialysate. For the priming process, the machine uses a volume of up to 4 L of the dialysate after reverse filtration from the dialyzer. Most foreign matter or eluates can be removed from the dialyzer and the blood channels.

Before blood is guided out of the body into the dialysis system, the needles inserted in the artery and vein are simultaneously connected to the blood channel, and the dialysate remaining in the channel is removed from the dialyzer. If the patient’s blood pressure falls during dialysis, the dialysate can be replenished at any desired flow rate for reverse filtration. Blood return can be started automatically when the planned dialysis time has elapsed and the target water volume has been removed.

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