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Dialysis Disinfectant Wholesale Hemodialysis also spelled hemodialysis, or simply dialysis is a process of purifying the blood

The point of choosing a disinfectant cleaning agent for hemodialysis. In the past, it used to be the mainstream to use sodium hypochlorite for the purpose of disinfection and cleaning, and acetic acid for the purpose of removing calcium carbonate scale.

Citric Acid 50 % is a liquid concentrate for the highly efficient citrothermal disinfection, cleaning and decalcification of haemodialyis machines. The concentrate is used at 83°C in accordance with the machine manufacturer`s instructions. Unlike disinfecting agents that have strongly oxidising or aggressive acidic properties, Citric acid 50 % with its highpowered disinfectant properties is very material compatible, user friendly and environmentally neutral.

GLT Diesenfectant %21-%30-%50 THERMO CLEAN PLUS

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