Bicarbonate for Dialysis

Powder or Dry Bicarbonate concentrate for 5008 4008 S NG machine 
Chronic metabolic acidosis is common in dialysis patients. Bicarbonate administration via the dialysate helps maintain the acid-base balance in these patients.

In bicarbonate dialysis, proportioning pumps in the dialysis machine mix purified water with separate “acid” and bicarbonate concentrates. The “acid” concentrate contains electrolytes, glucose, and 2–8 mEq/L of acetate (which is metabolized into bicarbonate in the liver) to prevent calcium precipitation.

One of the functions of the human kidney is to regenerate bicarbonate. Haemodialysis (HD) replaces this function by including the supraphysiological concentration of base in the dialysis fluid. In the early days the natural buffer, bicarbonate, was the obvious choice but there were technical problems with its preparation and delivery. In the mid-60s the introduction of acetate, which is metabolized to bicarbonate, solved many of these problems.

The disadvantage of acetate became apparent a decade later when the improvement in the efficiency of HD revealed the potential for overwhelming the capacity of some patients to metabolize acetate.

Studies in the late 80s have shown less severe metabolic disturbance associated with the use of bicarbonate, leading to fewer intra-dialytic symptoms and thus to increased comfort during and after the HD session. Although no increment inpatient survival has yet been demonstrated, bicarbonate has been widely accepted as the buffer of choice.

This international standard specifies the minimum requirements for concentrates used for hemodialysis and related therapies. İnternational Standart includes concentrates in both liquid and powder forms.


Packaging Details
Dialysis sodium bicarbonate 
 650g,700g,900g per on line bag 
Fresenius 4008 B & S   Gamro    B Braun   Hemodialysis Acid Based Solution
Bibag (Bicarbonate) 650gr   Bibag (Bicarbonate) 650gr   Disinfection 5 lt    5 liter
Bibag (bicarbonate) 900gr   Bibag (Bicarbonate) 900gr       6 liter
Disinfection 5 lt    Bibag (Bicarbonate) 1100gr       8 liter
    Disinfection 5 lt        10 liter
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Powder and Liquid Bicarbonate Concentrates, Liquid Sodium Bicarbonate.