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powder bicarbonate.

Bicarbonate Cartridge as Part–B of Hemodialysis concentrate.
Fitting for Gambro, Nipro, B-Braun, and other Cartridge Compatible Hemodialysis machines
Available in cartridges containing 550, 650, 720 & 750g granulated, free-flow Sodium Bicarbonate powder BP/EP

Dialysis fluid is prepared according to the individual patient’s needs to help regulate their electrolyte and acid-base balance and remove metabolic waste products.

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The structure of the Dialysis Machine is very complex and has many accessories. During the entire disease treatment process, the working environment in the machine is a highly corrosive environment containing strong acids and alkalis and the treatment process continues for a long time. Disinfection procedures, disinfection procedures, chemical disinfection, cold cleaning, thermal disinfection, etc. It contains and the loss of equipment accessories is also very large in varying degrees.         

Hemodialysis Concentrate A Solution

Dialysate consists of purified water and various substances dissolved in it. With the exception of glucose, the substances dissolved in the dialysate are all electrolytes. Their concentration closely resembles the concentration of the electrolytes occurring naturally in the blood. Dialysate regulates the electrolyte and acid-base balance of the dialysis patient and removes waste products.

The standard dilution ratio is 1+34. The Acidic bicarbonate hemodialysis concentrates are mixed with alkaline bicarbonate hemodialysis concentrate 8.4 % and water of a suitable grade (water for hemodialysis).

Hemodialysis Concentrate A Solution

COMPOSITION each Acid liquid 1000ml contains:

Sodium Chloride I.P.210.7gms

Calcium Chloride I.P,7.72gms

Potassium Chloride I.P. 5.22gms

Magnesium Chloride I.P.7.12gms

Acetic Acid(Glacial) I.P. 6.31 gms

Purified Water I.P. 1000 ml

Hemodialysis Concentrate B Solution

Hemodialysis B Alkaline Bicarbonate concentrates liquid:

COMPOSITION each Bicarbonate liquid 1000ml contains

Sodium bicarbonate 84 gms


It is for the patients of acute and chronic kidney failure and patients of drug poisoning to the dialysate.

Contraindication: forbids to patients with dialysis contraindication and allergy to any composition of the dialysis liquid.


Before using, carefully read this description and confirm: the quantity of one barrel of Liquid Acid concentrate is 10 liter which will be used for two patients.


1, Organic material
2, High-purity dialysis
3, Security assurance
4, No discoloration before the expiration date
5, Customized formulation
6, Supply ability always ensures the number of your needs.

Renal dialysis machine acid concentrate solution and sodium bicarbonate on line 4008 5008 bibag consumable

We supply various types of high-quality Dialysis medical supplies Hemodialysis bibag (Solution & powder form) for all brands of dialysis machines (JMS, NIPRO, SPS, FRESENIUS, TORAY, BRAUN, GRAMBO, BAXTER, etc.), which is provided at a pretty reasonable cost to the dialysis centers.

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The dialysis device is given back to the body by cleaning the blood from the arteries and veins of the patients who have kidney failure. Here, the dialysis device works like a part of the body and does the work of the kidneys and provides blood flow. When we examine the structure of the dialysis device, mostly artificial membranes or animal membranes are used. Inside the machine there are two tubes containing the saline solution, the harmful substances are separated by the membrane and given to the first tubes and the blood is pumped back into the body to ensure continuity in the blood flow. There are three methods of taking blood from the veins for the dialysis device: fistula for taking the blood from the arm veins, taking the blood from the neck veins to the jugular vein, taking the blood from the leg or neck and taking the blood with synthetic material is called site. In the case of an emergency, the veins and veins usually located in the neck area can be removed from the veins. If there is no emergency, the patient is removed from the forearms and the veins are removed from the veins and the blood is removed from the veins. instead of using a permanent vein system instead of finding veins every time the system is connected to the dialysis device.


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