Galata_Global_Dialysis_catheter plaster

Catheter Fixation Tape

I.V. Catheter Fixation Tape Non-Woven With Pad

Flexible Nonwoven Carrier: Elastic structure of the carrier allows easy application in joint areas of the body Hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic adhesive does not irritate the skin.

Porous: Prevents sweating bypassing the nib in the skin and the outside air.

Special pads: The special pad absorbs the leaking blood and pretends the wound with a soft barrier against external factors easy application: Provides fast and clean dressing.

X-ray Transmission: It allows x-rays to be taken without removal.

Sterile: It was sterilized by gamma irradiation method. Maintain sterility if it is not removed from the package and the package is not damaged.

Absorbent dressing