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Dialysis Catheter supplies
Temporary types Catheters: BBraun and GLT Catheter, GMKey,
Long term, Permanent types Catheters: Medcomp, Bard, Covidien, Arrow,

Your inquiry in Original Medicare, Central Venous Catheter related infection is a major cause of morbidity in haemodialysis patients.

Integrating proven catheter design principles, the patented Catheter was developed to improve vascular access and enhance therapy for dialysis patients.

Nontunnelled temporary haemodialysis catheters should be avoided where possible as the risk of

infection is greater than with tunnelled catheters. Aseptic technique should be used whenever the catheter is manipulated, connected or disconnected

  • Precise tip placement due to retrograde tunnel insertion
  • Elimination of sheath dilator with catheter dual wire insertion technique

Unique Design

  • Bench test demonstrated 500 mL/min1 flow rates on average due to optimally shaped double-round lumen design
  • Bench test demonstrated recirculation of approximately 1% on average in forward and reverse due to split tips with 360° side holes which provide alternate flow paths1
  • Customizable extension leg length
  • Precise tip placement
  • High flow rates
  • Kink-resistant geometry
  • Low Recirculation
  • dual wire insertion technique
  • Customizable extension leg length
  • Excellent biocompatibility and patient comfort
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