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Properly providing concentrated powder solution in a cost effective manner is a challenge for hemodialysis providers. Preparation and disinfection can be time-consuming and labor intensive. Concentrated powder can corrode certain metals and painted surfaces, leaving your preparation area encrusted and grimy. Furthermore, if not mixed properly, concentrated powder can negatively affect the dialysate solution.

Gltmix is offering systems that are designed for quality and ease of use. We can help you plan a system for a new clinic or retrofit an existing clinic. Our concentrated powder Mixing

Systems are cost-effective, clean and efficient, and are the best designs in the industry. We offer a range of choices so you can maximize efficiency with a system tailored to your specific needs.

  • Initiate start-up routine and partially fill with RO permeate,
  • Add Gltmix and the remaining RO permeate
  • Transfer the concentrate to either canisters or a storage tank,
  • Clean, disinfect (solution) and rinse out the unit ready for the next production batch,
  • The whole operation typically takes from 90 – 150 minutes depending on the size of mixer and RO permeate temperature.

Technical Data

Product Specifications
GLTMIX System Specification
Model GLT-500
Type Single Mix
Capacity 500 Liter
Fill Method Manual
Electrical 220V, 16 amp
Dimensions 1270 mm × 1500 mm × 1000 mm (h × w × d)

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